I’m NOT Creative

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Do you see the word ‘creative’ and run a mile?

Do you feel a bit sad that you don’t possess these natural abilities?

Is all a bit airy fairy or childish for you?

Sit back, I’m going to challenge you and prove that you are creative!!

Many people over the years have told me they are not creative.  They look at my profile and are interested to work with me but then say,

“I’m not creative, so I wouldn’t naturally work in that way.” 

It frustrates me a little bit and I want to tell you why.

  1. Creativity isn’t a skill

When I was a youth worker I met this amazing woman who would always come up with the most incredible ideas for games or projects or just added wonderful little things into the way she worked. I was in awe.

Then one day she said, “I’m not creative!” 

I was totally gob smacked. It took me ages to respond to her as I thought she was joking.  I think we were about to start a cooking session and even how she’d arranged the bowls and the table was creative.

She meant she wasn’t skilled at art – I think. Or she was just plain crazy but as a Counsellor I shouldn’t really refer to people as crazy!! Maybe she meant she couldn’t draw or paint or didn’t do very well in Art classes.

Artistic Skill is a form of creativity but you CAN be creative without having artistic skill.

  1. You do it every day

Did you choose what to wear today? Have you contributed to your aesthetic living space? Whether you live in a whole house or have a room in a house share. You will have made some decisions on what bedding or furniture to have, where to put things, what colour towels to buy. You have made creative decisions and if you get dressed, you make them daily!

Opportunities to be creative are everywhere. The stationary you have on your desk, the flowers you plant in your garden, the card you choose for a friend. It’s all creative.

So, if you say you aren’t creative you clearly are.

  1. Creativity is lost

I have a 4 year old and she loves to draw and paint. One day we both had a big piece of paper and she asked me to copy exactly what she was doing. I was amazed. She drew the most intricate little things, coloured in bits of it, added extra strokes, and then coloured over it all so you couldn’t see it.

Her process was fascinating.

During this time nothing else mattered to her apart from the paper and pens (and occasionally she’d look up to see if I was following the rules!!)

This was creativity in action. I’ve not taught her to do this. I’ve given her lots of opportunities to express herself and I’ve provided the resources. She has no inhibitions. She goes for it.


(Can you guess which is mine and which is hers?)

You are creative. You may not have artistic skill, you may have grown up too much and lost the freedom to take creative risks.

But you were born creative and free. It is a choice whether you reconnect with that or not.  And if you work with me it’s a choice too. I have all the resources but you choose if you want to use them.

If you know you are creative and want to be freer or want to know how to integrate it in to your therapeutic work then I have two things that might interest you:

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Thanks for reading

Love Nicola x x